Animals of Africa

Posted on Mon July 7, 2014 in Wildlife .

Africa is a broad continent, covered by many different countries, terrains and climates. All of these leading to an even wider array of wild animals scattered across the territories. If you’re planning a visit to Africa to view wildlife then it’s best to research what you’d really like to see and plan your trip accordingly.

Probably the most notorious, the Big 5 consisting of elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard and lion, are often on a first-time visitor’s list of animals to see. It’s no surprise really as this quintet have been sought out for centuries, first by hunters, and now by travellers with a keen interest in nature. Spotting the Big 5 is no easy feat, but Southern and East Africa offer the best national parks and conservation areas to do so. An established safari industry in these regions means there are many options for travellers looking to enjoy these sighting whether in a national park or a more private game reserve. We recommend the Kruger National Park and its surrounds while in South Africa, but there are so many reserves scattered across Africa, we would tailor your trip to which animals were important to spot on your trip!

The gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda that live in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park are another popular African wildlife option. These beautiful and mystical creatures are endangered and less than 1 000 still live in the wild so the opportunity to visit the gorillas should not be dismissed. After obtaining permits, travellers will get a day to explore the forests on foot with a guide who will do their best to spot these shy apes.

Spending time on the slopes of the mountains while the gorillas and their babies move around you is an experience that is difficult to describe in any other way than magical.

For those travellers that love marine life, the coastlines of Africa also offer plenty to see. Whale breeding season brings the Southern Right whales to the Garden Route in South Africa, while the frolicking seal population of Namibia is a sight in itself. The Sardine Run up along the east of South Africa is another highlight annually.

Besides all of the large animals to see, there is also plenty joy to be found in spotting the smaller mammals Africa has to offer. Small meerkats, jackals and anteaters can be timid, but are well-worth being patient for. Although some of these seldom make an appearance, a good safari guide will stop and show you all of the small wonders our national parks have to offer too.